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Emerging Issues + Anticipated Changes

Tabiona’s growth options are limited due to Ute Tribal lands on the North and West boundary of the town. Development in the area, both recreational and residential could have an impact on the transportation system. County and state roadways will primarily be the method of access into the town and the policies in place for these entities are meant to facilitate and manage future growth planning.

Goals + Policies

  1. Impact Fees and Traffic Impact Studies – Existing residents and business owners should not have to bear the costs generated by new development in Tabiona.
  2. Roadway Design – Tabiona will continue to implement innovative design techniques to keep roads safe and efficient.
  3. Non-Motorized Infrastructure – The Town wants to ensure that county residents have viable transportation options.
  4. See the Tabiona General Plan for more details on the above.

Potential Action Steps + Investments

  • Continue to improve upon their regular maintenance program of pavement preservation methods such as chip sealing, crack sealing, pavement sealing, and overlays on existing roadways to maintain roadway integrity.
  • Investigate the feasibility of conducting an impact fee study and establishing a fee for new development.
  • Consider requiring a Traffic Impact Study for any new development that is not residential infill.
  • Adopt a program of street and highway landscaping (i.e. street trees) to enhance the appearance of the Town’s circulation system.
  • Convene local community volunteers to make recommendations on safe bicycling infrastructure (bike lanes, widen shoulders, share the road signs, etc.) on local streets.
  • Work with the County to develop a parks and recreation master plan that includes a trail that follows the river.

Background + Indicators