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Emerging Issues + Anticipated Changes

The Town currently has a nuisance ordinance to help reduce the visual nuisance of properties that have not been maintained, but enforcement hasn’t been a high priority due to resource constraints in the past. The Town should consider setting aside funds to invest in enforcement whether by contracting the county or handling the enforcement internally.

Goals + Policies

  1. Preserve and Reuse Buildings of Historic Value –¬†Utilize various administrative tools to identify areas to be invested in and developed.
  2. Eliminate Blight –¬†Tabiona will seek to eliminate visual nuisance through incentives and enforcement.
  3. Infill Development –¬†Prioritize infill development in land use decisions and planning.

Potential Action Steps + Investments

  • Establish the planning commission as a historic preservation authority.
  • Conduct a survey for historic resources in the community.
  • Set aside funds in the Towns next budget for code enforcement, specifically the nuisance ordinance.
  • Create zoning and allow projects that build denser than current development patterns.

Background + Indicators