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Land Use

Emerging Issues + Anticipated Changes

Change is most likely to occur in Tabiona if businesses choose to locate there. This will lead to increased development pressure in Tabiona for employee housing. This growth will come in the form of infill development within town, and large lot single family homes in newly annexed land on the Town’s outskirts. Commercial uses are most likely to locate to the west of Town along Highway 35. If no new businesses locate in or near Tabiona there is very little chance of growth and the Town will either maintain the status quo or decline in size.

Goals + Policies

  1. Maintain Rural Character – Tabiona seeks to ensure that new development in Town is consistent with overall community character and that it contributes in a positive way toward the Town’s image.
  2. Manage Growth – Tabiona intends to preserve the integrity of its infrastructure systems by permitting orderly growth that synchronizes development with the availability of public facilities such as road, sewer, and water service needed to support it.
  3. Support a Mix of Land Uses – Tabiona desires a well-balanced, financially sound, and functional mix of agricultural, residential, commercial, open-space, recreational, and institutional land uses.

Potential Action Steps + Investments

  • Adopt new zoning regulations to allow for different types of development than previously permitted.
  • Use administrative tools to preserve farmland (i.e. zoning).
  • Meet with the County Community Development department regularly to ensure that development codes are up to date and being implemented by county staff during plan review.
  • Set aside funds in the next budget cycle to spend on code enforcement.
  • Develop and implement impact fees for commercial and industrials uses as well as planned unit developments.
  • Sign an intergovernmental agreement with the County to ensure that development outside of Town boundaries is aligned to Town standards.
  • Establish a planning commission to administer development applications without the county so the Town can be more self sufficient later.
  • Adopt the zoning map within the plan and keep it up-to-date with changes over time.
  • Work with the Duchesne County Economic Development department to locate business in Tabiona, particularly industrial uses that have shown an interest in the past.
  • Develop a website for the town that makes it easier to apply for business and land use permits.

Background + Indicators