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Emerging Issues + Anticipated Changes

Tabiona is a town of high community character, quality housing stock, and a welcoming and diverse population. Members of the Tabiona community share the goals of high quality and accessible housing. This can be achieved by allowing diverse housing styles that blend aesthetically with neighboring structures and land uses. The preference for single-family homes that maintain rural character is evident in the responses to the survey that was conducted as part of the general plan.

Goals + Policies

  1. Housing Stock – Tabiona seeks to develop an assortment of housing opportunities.
  2. Moderate Income Housing – Tabiona seeks to equitably provide housing for its residents.

Potential Action Steps + Investments

  • Adopt and enforce a property maintenance ordinance establishing basic standards for keeping properties well maintained (e.g. no broken windows, etc).
  • Encourage residents to take pride in the appearance of their yards and homes by establishing a “Mayor’s Award” for well maintained properties, or properties with significant improvements in appearance.
  • Consider utilization of programs offered by the Utah Housing Corporation within the Town’s and that agency’s funding capacities.

Background + Indicators