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Economic Development

Emerging Issues + Anticipated Changes

Tabiona is well known for its small-town charm. Commercial and industrial development has not been a major emphasis in the recent past. The county economy is crucial to Tabiona residents. Most of Tabiona residents work outside the town. Currently, a large portion of county and Tabiona residents are employed in industrial activities, but almost none are located in the town. If an industrial use were to locate in Tabiona it could cause a significant change in the town’s dynamics.

 Goals + Policies

  1. Implement Industrial Uses – Tabiona welcomes industrial uses within Town as long as their impact is positive.
  2. Community Branding – Tabiona needs to determine its “brand” in order to attract the commercial activities that align with community preferences.
  3. Business Licensing – Tabiona will seek to be a business-friendly community.

Potential Action Steps + Investments

  1. Incorporate industrial zone regulations into the zoning ordinance, and only designate parcels as industrial at the request of an application.
  2. Work with the County to ensure that industrial uses near Tabiona’s boundary are held to the Town’s standards.
  3. Design a new logo for the Town that shows the personality of Tabiona.
  4. Designate a member of the Town Council that will work with Duchesne County Economic Development and Duchesne Chamber of Commerce to advertise Tabiona as a place to visit and conduct business.
  5. Adopt new regulations regarding business licenses.

Background + Indicators