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Annexation + Boundaries

Emerging Issues + Anticipated Changes

Annexation is difficult for Tabiona because it is bounded on multiple sides by tribal lands, which cannot be annexed into the Town. Also, a large portion of the private land that could be annexed would be considered an “island or a peninsula” because of the fragmentation the tribal lands would cause in the Town’s boundaries. This does not mean that Tabiona should not expand its borders. Currently, some parcels are divided by the Town’s boundary, and the Town already services and utilizes properties outside it’s boundary (like parks). These areas should be first priorities when considering annexation petitions. Also, if parcels split by the Town boundary petition they should not be charged.

Services that the Town could provide to annexed property include water and sewer, if they were expanded. Other services, like police and fire, are provided by the county. The Town should only allow properties to be annexed if the necessary infrastructure to provide them with water and sewer is in place beforehand, or if the unincorporated property will commit to providing for all of its impacts.

Goals + Policies

  1. Annexation Policy Plan – According to Utah Municipal code (10-2-401) no municipality may annex without a policy plan. It is Tabiona’s goal to develop an annexation policy plan.
  2. Municipal Services – Petitioners should assist in providing infrastructure for their annexed land.
  3. Community Character – Tabiona will only approve annexations for land that fits the community character defined in this plan.
  4. See the Tabiona Annexation Policy Plan for more details on the above.

Potential Action Steps + Investments

  • Use the annexation section of this plan as an annexation policy plan. Prioritize education and involvement of property owners whose land extends across the current boundary.
  • Follow the processes outlined in Utah Municipal Code to adopt an annexation policy plan.
  • Identify areas that Tabiona can service with existing systems. They should be the first properties to be favored for annexation.
  • Conduct a training with Town Council and Planning Commission members to know how to identify proper land for annexation.

Background + Indicators